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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And warm Holidays from Ghigo Press!
To all of our loyal and friendly customers, thank you for making this difficult year a better one.  We hope to constantly improve our customer service and provide you with the best wine guides, and gourmet guides that current research can offer.
We have made a donation to Heiffer Internation in honor of our customers this year, as a thank you.  We will be coming out with several new decks and Calendars this year, including expanding into the music scene with our JAZZ, The World's Defining Artists, their thoughts and words. (reference deck and 2011 Calendar!)
Please join our mailing list, follow us on twitter or facebook and hopefully find a moment to tell a friend about our little company.  As always our products will be printed on recycled paper and use soy inks!
Happy New Year to all of you, from our tiny Ghigo Press family.
May the new year bring prosperity,health and happiness to all of you.
2:14 pm est 

Great Review from An Isalnd Life

Ghigo Press: Wine & Gourmet Education

December 23, 2009 by CPA Mom  
Filed under food, reviews

From the sponsor: Ghigo Press is the author and purveyor of wine education and gourmet education products who’s lines include VINIFERA, The World’s Great Wine Grapes And Their Stories, SPICE The World’s Great Flavors And Their Stories and Coffee, The World’s Great Recipes, Stories and Histories.

“Ghigo Press gourmet reference decks will enlighten the novice and fascinate the expert. Beautiful to look at, elegant and packed full of serious wine, spice and coffee education, facts and history.” Italian Wine & Food Institute, President Dr. Lucio Caputo

Created for both the novice and the seasoned, our line of Vinifera Wine, Coffee and Spice education products will entertain and enlighten the curious gourmet.

Our Vinifera wine cards and wine calendars are portable and lively guides to the complex world of wine. These wine grape decks are serious education for both the experienced wine afficionado or the beginner new to wine appreciation.

Explore the exotic histories and uses of spices through our Spice Cards and Spice Calendars.
Our Coffee Cards and Coffee Calendars offer tantalizing recipes, rich histories and lore of your favorite coffees and coffee drinks.

“Ghigo Press’s Vinifera: The World’s Great Wine Grapes and their stories are simply fascinating. This collection of photos, histories and lore are interesting and intriguing. Wonderful information.” Sharron McCarthy, VP Wine Education – Banfi Vintners.

My take: I was sent one each of the following collections (cards and calendars, not the posters):

SPICE education collection Our SPICE, The World’s Great Flavors and their stories collection includes our SPICE reference deck boxed set of 45 beautifully illustrated cards and our SPICE 2010 Hanging Wall Calendar.Both the deck and calendar are replete with fascinating information, history, bizarre lore as well as ancient and current medicinal uses, cooking suggestions and wine and food pairings for these glorious spices and herbs.

SPICE, The World’s Great Flavors and their stories boxed reference deck $15.95
Boxed set of Spice Cards

SPICE, The World’s Great Flavors and their stories 2010 Spice Calendar $13.95
(cooking, wall calendar )


VINIFERA wine education collection

Our VINIFERA, The World’s Great Wine Grapes collection consists of the Vinifera Deck of 45 Wine Grape Reference Cards, two Vinifera Posters and Our 2010 Vinifera, The World’s Great Wine Grapes Wall Calendar.

Full of rich history and lore, as well as descriptions of the wines produced, current DNA information when applicable and wine and food pairings our Vinifera deck is informative and entertaining. In use by several Sommelier and training programs these are serious wine education with rare photos of 45 wine producing varieties.

VINIFERA, The World’s Great Wine Grapes
boxed reference deck $15.95

VINIFERA, The World’s Great Wine Grapes
2010 Calendar $13.95

COFFEE history and recipe collection

“These cards are a quick, fun way to acquaint yourself with the rich history of much that is coffee! Beautifully photographed, these colorful coffee cards are sure to delight you and your friends.” The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea & Cocoa (Culver City, CA)

COFFEE, The World’s Great Recipes, Stories and Histories by Ghigo Press offers delightful coffee recipes as well as fascinating lore and history of one of man’s favorite drinks. Each card and calendar page is illustrated with beautiful color photographs as well as the informative and lively text.

COFFEE, The World’s Great Recipes, Stories and Histories
boxed reference deck $15.95
Boxed set of Coffee Cards

COFFEE, The World’s Great Recipes, Stories and Histories
2010 Coffee Calendar $13.95
(wall calendar)

I think I have wine and coffee running through my veins so I was excited to received these products for review. And let me tell you, these are beautiful calendars. The spice calendar has a page for spices such as bay leaf, vanilla, capers (did you know they are a spice?!), lavender and saffron, with stories and wine and cuisine suggestions for them all. The coffee calendar features coffee drinks such as espresso romano, Cafe au lait, and cappuccino, with stories and recipes. And the wine calendar features some of your favorite wines (with their pairings): Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Syrah and more! The pictures are gorgeous too. The reference cards are amazing – illustrated photos with the histories of various spices, wines and coffee, and more recipes and pairings – a real education! If you have a wine, coffee or spice (cooking) fan on your holiday gift list, you can’t go wrong with Ghigo Press – check them out – shop online today.

This post was written for Ghigo Press who provided the items for review. I was not compensated in any way except for the complimentary products.
About the author:
Because we all have an opinion. Did U See That? is where you'll find reviews of books, movies, products, toys, websites and whatever else catches my eye. Where I'll discuss ideas sparked by current events. Come on in and join the party! Your opinion is welcome here.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peekaboopicks Ghigo Wine and Gourmet guide review.



Think you know everything about your favorite wine, spice or coffee blend? Think again. The Ghigopress Wine, Coffee and Spice Collections are gourmet education cards that have a plethora of information including the rich history and fun trivia about the collection of your choice.


Whether you are already an expert or just starting a new hobby, the Ghigopress cards are an excellent addition to every aficionado’s collection. The cards also have some incredible recipes to chose from. Don’t forget to get the calender to accompany the cards either. These gorgeous calenders have art house quality pictures and even more fun facts to absorb. Find your favorite collection at www.ghigopress.com.

11:50 am est 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great feature from Edge New York Magazine!
Food Drink

Cheers! A Viniferous EDGE Holiday Gift Guide
by Richard Frisbie
EDGE Contributor
Wednesday Dec 2, 2009

   (Source:Ghigo Press)
Is it too early to shake the wrapped presents under the tree, or sneak a peek into Santa’s sleigh to find out what you can expect this holiday? Are you stuck trying to find the perfect gift for that special wine lover? EDGE’s resident wine guy, Richard Frisbie, sorted through all the wine and wine-related presents to list the ones you should ask for, and to help you take the guesswork out of shopping for those oenophiles on your list.

When searching for wine and wine related gifts, the good news is that you have many options. There is always a wine club to sign up for. To simplify your choices this website rates a wide selection of clubs. Or, how about making your own wine? Glenora Winery, on Seneca Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes, is one of the wineries that will let you make your own champagne-style sparkling wine to your own personal taste. They’ll even put your label on it. Imagine having a personalized gift you’re guaranteed to enjoy imbibing and sharing with your friends. Or, you could give a gift certificate to one of the larger wine stores, Sherry-Lehmann, or Astor Wines, both of whom have huge selections and will ship.

However, if you’re not giving wine itself, read on to see some unusual wine-related choices.

 Wine Calendars & Cards

Vinifera: The World’s Great Wine Grapes
From Ghigo Press, Vinifera: The World’s Great Wine Grapes and their stories. The same title is used for a calendar ($13.95) and for a boxed deck of 2.5"x6"cards ($15.95). Both are lavishly illustrated histories of popular grape varieties and their uses. Full-color posters are also available ($13.95).

The 2010 calendar has 12 of the most common grapes, one for each month. Origins, food pairings, and a brief history caption a stunning close-up photo of a grape cluster. The calendar itself, at 12.5"x12.5", is large enough for notes and appointments, and includes holidays and phases of the moon.

The cards are a crisp glossy productions, with a color photograph on one side and informative text on the reverse. The history, origins, and lore of 45 varieties of grapes make up the full deck. My favorite bit of information on each card is the "adventurous and classic culinary pairings" included for each. The only thing missing is a pronunciation guide.

This series also includes similar treatments on Coffees of the World and Spices of the World. Any one of them makes a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift. Paired, they are perfect for the foodies and budding wine-lovers on your holiday list.
Available through Ghigo Press.
1:06 pm est 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The Finest Wine Accessory Comes From Ghigo Press

November 11th, 2009 - Posted by Brynn Jackson

No, it's not a corkscrew bottle opener. No, it's not a wine rack. What Ghigo Press offers is not your typical wine accessory, though this only adds to the alluring charm of their wine cards. Wine cards are the perfect unique gift for someone who loves to enrapture their taste buds with wine. Whether a connoisseur or a newcomer, the wine cards from Ghigo Press are fantastic and enthralling.

The Vinifera collection of wine cards, wine calendars, and wine posters never fails to delight a wine lover. This unique stationery includes reference cards pertaining to the world's finest grapes.

Wine connoisseurs love the beautiful photos of fine grapes on each wine card. Newcomers to this centuries-old favorite beverage are given the ability to learn, to practice and to engage their love for wine. It's a win-win for for any wine lover.

Each wine card includes a beautifully colored photo of the grape variety on one side. The other side features interesting history, lore, origin, a description of the varietal, as well as wine and food pairings for the perfectly portioned palate.

Many favorite grape varieties are featured are the Vinifera wine cards from Ghigo Press. Recognize any of these? Albarino, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Zinfandel and Merlot. These are just a few of the wines you'll become familiar with using the Vinifera wine card collection from Ghigo Press.

Do not be dismayed if you do not have a high following of wine connoisseurs frequenting your store. Ghigo Press also offers the same great information about unique spices as well as coffees. The Spice deck of 40 cards includes full color photographs, history, lore and other information about spices ranging from ginger to cinnamon, paprika to star anise, and pepper to wasabi. If you know someone who would like to brush up on their spice knowledge, Ghigo Press's information cards are the perfect foodie gift.

Don't forget coffee flash cards. Ghigo Press's cards from the Coffee collection are sure to have coffee drinkers more hyped up than imagined. Important information about many favorites are included. Examples include espresso, espresso romano, cappuccino, cafe-au-lait, Viennese, Spanish, Turkish and German coffees. This short list hardly does the deck justice. One would simply have to see them to get the full impressive effect of each card.

When you hold wine cards, coffee cards, or spice cards from Ghigo Press, you're holding knowledge in your hands. It's a good feeling that should be shared. These decks are perfect gifts for foodies as well as handy references for chefs and baristas everywhere.

"Facts tell, stories sell!  Ghigo Press’s Vinifera:  The World’s Great Wine Grapes and their stories are simply fascinating.  This collection of photos, histories and lore are interesting and intriguing.  Wonderful information."  Sharron McCarthy, VP Wine Education – Banfi Vintners.

1:58 pm est 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CRN What's Cookin'? Mike and Paul Interview
Thank you to Mike and Paul at CRN for the lively interview they conducted with Ghigo Press.  We were very happy to speak with you!
12:13 pm est 

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