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Wine, spice and coffee links we reccomend as well as other creative resources.

Wine Testing Courses
Find information about wine testing courses.

Paul Ventura Casting. An excellent resource for the young actor. Paul Ventura is a highly respected casting director and coach.

Ghigo Press on Wikipedia

The ideal storage and carrying solution for laundry and dry-cleaning. 
This is an innovative and planet helping solution to all of those useless plastic dry cleaning bags. 
We love this idea, and the company is run by very nice people.

The Project: To personally visit and taste with and promote all wineries and commercial wine
producers in the Napa Valley, as well as all collectives & select other locations.

ROYAL PEPPER COMPANY, located in Dallas, Texas. An excellent source of Cambodian Spices. Cambodian Black Pepper, Sea Salt and Palm Sugar.
These folks have the finest Cambodian Pepper, Sea Salt and Palm Sugar, and fascinating stories and recipes to go along with them.  We reccomend with 5 stars.

Society Of Wine Educators
This educational and fantastic society offers many programs and certifications as well as frequent conferences. We reccomend most highly!

Learn About Wine 
Run by Ian Blackburn, this Los Angeles based wine education class is as entertaining as it is respected.  

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