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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Ghigo Press
To all of our friends and supporters, we would like to wish all of you and your families a warm and friendly, peaceful and joyous Thanksgiving. 
2:27 pm est 

Fantastic Ghigo Press Feature from Darragh Doiron of Port Arthur Press
Sounds Good  Talking about great food, new products and community news usually does sound good to Darragh Doiron, Port Arthur News reporter. This blog is a compilation of her columns, Culinary Thrill Seeking, Community Scoop and Sounds Good.
Let her know what sounds good to you at
Darragh Doiron is a reporter for The Port Arthur News

A timely gift:
My family quizzed me with culinary flash cards. Ghigo Press has three amazing calendars on coffee, spices and wine grapes and extremely helpful cards with artful photography on one side and history, tips and pairings on the other. I aced the spices test, but got tripped up by the beautiful photos. I’d never considered lemongrass from the extreme root close up or worked with such a well-lighted expanse of wasabi in green powder form. I love the spices best, but had most to learn from the grape shots. From Aglianico to Zinfandel, they all look different. I learned that my fave, merlot, is named from “merle,” French for “blackbird.” Foodies will love the calendars all year long and the cards for even longer.
An idea from the coffee cards is to make layered ice pops to stick into a martinia glass of crushed ice. A presentation like that will show a guest you care.
2:23 pm est 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reviews for Ghigo Press

Thank to these generous writers for these lovely reviews which ran recently!


LEADER-POST   Canada.com
Here's a great housewarming gift  — or kitchen resource. Ghigo Press has introduced a series of fun illustrated reference cards for food fans. They help reveal what wine to pair with dinner and outline what spice works with chicken or fish. Vinifera, The World's Great Wine Grapes is a small box featuring 45 wine grape cards (the size of a bookmark) — each one has fun facts about the most important wine-producing grapes, featuring everything from historical significance to taste descriptions, and food pairings. Spice, The World's Great Flavors is a collection of 45 photo cards that give the inside scoop on the most fascinating herbs and spices — from anise to wasabi.

Cheat Sheet: Whether the subject is math, computers or food and drink, I always can use a cheat sheet. And if I could remember even a fraction of the information on Ghigo Press' new food and wine guides ($15.95), I'd be a total food geek. Each pack includes 40 illustrated cards on such topics as coffee, spices and wine, with storage tips, pairing suggestions and other handy facts. Those of you already ramping up for the holidays (don't lie, we know you started back in July) should know that these would easily fit inside a stocking.

Mike Sutter   Austin 360  American Statesman

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Wine Matters: Flash cards for wine grapes, plus a roundup of October wine events, wine dinners and the latest from Gary Vaynerchuk

Handy cards let you learn your grapes

All those years ago, flash cards helped us learn our important facts in school: ABCs, basic math, J.R.R. Tolkien characters. As adults, we can benefit from the set of cards starring famous wine grapes of the world from California's Ghigo Press. Quick! What foods pair well with pinot noir? Game, boeuf bourguignon , wild salmon and chocolate, according to the 21/2-inch-by-6-inch card, which carries a picture of the grape on the front and a brief history, country of origin and food pairings on the back. The $15.95 set contains 45 cards, with familiar grapes such as chardonnay ("buttery, with notes and aroma of fruit, or dry and acidic") and cabernet sauvignon ("often blended with merlot and cabernet franc to produce the signature wines of Bordeaux") and less familiar types such as primitivo ("DNA testing has recently found that primitivo is the same grape as zinfandel"). Available from Amazon.com and the company's Web site, thecuriousfeast.com. The company makes similar sets featuring coffee and spices.

11:48 am est 

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