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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nice article about Williams-Sonoma
Just read a very nice article about a lady who is making wine bottle shaped cutting boards, and submitted them to Williams-Sonoma.  Apparently the President of Williams-Sonoma was flagged by an alert online and contacted her.  Now that is a fairy tale ending.  We have been trying to get our products into Williams-Sonoma for years, as well as into Bevmo, Sur La Table, Cost Plus World Market and Barnes and Noble.  We have a modest presence in Borders, for our calendars only at this time.  We used to have our gourmet and wine decks there as well, but due to distributiuon changes things have changed.
At any rate, it is a real pleasure to read about someone breaking through the daunting wall of corporate operations, especially when their product is well made and from the heart.
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