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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Visit a Vineyard!
Best time to visit wine country is around harvest time. Grapes are getting ripe around August, September, October and in some cases, November. The vineyards look bucolic with the picturesque bunches hanging down from the vines. Our suggestion is to try to meet with a grower or one of his helpers. While most of folks head for the tasting room,  we like to go to the vineyard and chat with the grower. Usually they are "unspoiled" by attention and have a lot to offer to an interested wine aficionado. They will point out various grape types, tell some illuminating facts and usually will let you taste the grapes. This is a truly wonderful experience to have a taste of your favorite wine grapes and to discover where are all those subtle flavors in your wine are coming from. All the best wine makers say that wine is made in the vineyard which is true. Quality of grapes will determine quality of wine. Another benefit of this kind of tour is that that you will stay sober and fit to drive around, while enjoying nature and retaining unique flavors of wine grapes on your palate.A Votre Santé!
4:17 pm est 

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